Caramelized Shallot Apricot Chicken Pizza

Shannon and I went on a shopping mission a couple months ago in search of mini-cheesecake pans from the Williams Sonoma outlet. We couldn’t find the pans, but the trip wasn’t a complete loss because Shannon scored a gorgeous stainless steel sauté pan and I scooped up a real pizza pan. I had previously been making pizzas on a cookie sheet!

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t make pizza very often because we get it a couple times a week during lunch meetings at work, but I have been craving it lately because all these meeting are canceled in August due to so many people going on vacation! So, I finally got out my new pan and whipped up a tasty pizza. I mixed caramelized shallots and apricot jam for the sauce, and then topped the pizza with mozzarella and feta cheese. I think this would be a great as an appetizer too if you cut it into small squares or maybe used puff pastry as a base (I’ll be trying that next!).

Caramelized Shallot Apricot Chicken Pizza
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1 pound of your favorite pizza dough
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups chopped shallots
1/2 cup apricot preserves
1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup crumbled feta cheese

Heat oven to 500˚F. Prepare pizza dough. Heat oil over medium heat in a large nonstick pan. Add shallots and cook 15 to 17 minutes, stirring frequently, or until caramelized. Reduce heat to low and add apricot preserves, mustard, vinegar, and salt. Stir 1 to 2 minutes or until preserves are melted and sauce is thoroughly mixed.

Spread pizza dough into desired shape. Spread shallot apricot mixture evenly over crust. Top evenly with chicken. Sprinkle mozzarella and feta cheese evenly on top. Bake at 500˚F for 10 – 14 minutes or until crust is deep golden brown. Cool for 5 minutes. Makes 8 servings.

Nutrition: 378 calories, 12.8g fat, 2.7g fiber, 21.6g protein per serving
Cost: $1.05 per serving

38 Responses to Caramelized Shallot Apricot Chicken Pizza

  1. Wow… apricots and spicy mustard and vinegar… I’m in love with all those flavors :)

    And I love how you put the nutrition at the end…. we have a sweet protein pizza! I’ll take that after my deadlifts please :)

  2. Lovely combination of ingredients! I actually really like making my pizza on a cookie sheet. I love the way the crust crisps on a thin layer of olive oil at a high temp.

  3. I hate when you go on a quest for something and you cannot turn up what you are looking for, but it sounds like you got a great deal none the less. I love the sound of the flavors in that pizza. I know I sound like a broken record because I say this all the time on my blog but I love the combination of sweet and savory flavors. Yum! I cannot be trusted at the Williams Sonoma Outlet. I always drop a fair bit there.

  4. well, i’ve done the whole chicken-breast-glazed-with-apricot-preserves, and i like it very much. this is like an amped-up, much-improved dinner idea, so kudos to you, kerstin!

  5. I think pizza is actually so much better when you make it yourself – look at all the unique toppings you can put on it! This combination is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Although really, I like anything with the word caramelized in the title.

  6. Thanks everyone, I’ll definitely be making this again :)

    Muneeba and Joanne – I’m the same way with the word caramelized!

    Kelly – I really had to restrain myself at the WS outlet! I still need to get my hands on a mini-cheesecake pan…

    Maris – Oh no, I hope your oven is fixed soon, that would drive me crazy!

  7. The Williams Sonoma outlet, oh that’s a dangerous place for me!
    I have to give you a two thumbs up on this recipe. I really really love this. Really nicely done.

  8. I am so into caramelized shallots right now. I just had a gnocchi dish at a restaurant made with caramelized shallots and golden raisins and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

    Your pizza sounds delicious.

  9. The appetizer idea is awesome! I know I would be the only person who enjoyed this on a weeknight dinner… but making it for a party? TONS of our guests could enjoy it!

  10. This recipe is really going to keep me busy in the kitchen with all its glamor. This is another must for tmrw! My kids would just hug me for this. thanx for sharing!!
    cheers and have a great day!

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