Cucumber Hummus Appetizers

I really enjoy every aspect of having friends over for dinner (except for the cleaning part, of course!) and was especially excited for the meal we had last night with our friends Geeti and Puneet because Geeti is also a huge foodie. We had an absolutely amazing feast of Indian dishes when we went over to their house last time, so I took extra time planning the menu in hopes that our meal would be at least half as good as theirs!

Things didn’t start off too well because I was locked out of our apartment with two huge IKEA bags full of food two hours before they were supposed to arrive! My hubby was at the gym and I had gone running that morning and accidently left my house keys in my ipod case. Luckily, our building manager was home and was nice enough to let me in. The only other mishap was that I over toasted the pine nuts – again. I swear this happens to me half the time because the little guys toast too quickly and I forgot to set a timer for them. But overall, I think all the dishes were successful and I really enjoyed these cute little appetizers.

Most of the appetizers I usually make involve some sort of bread or pasty, but I felt like doing something a bit lighter this time and decided to top cucumber slices with hummus, roasted red peppers, and crumbled feta. That’s it – you don’t really even need a recipe for these tasty little apps! They’re light and flavorful and the best part is that no oven is needed.

Cucumber Hummus Appetizers
Printable Recipe

1 cucumber, sliced
1 cup hummus
1/3 cup chopped roasted red peppers
1/3 cup crumbled feta

Top cucumber slices evenly with hummus and evenly sprinkle roasted red peppers and feta over the hummus. Makes about 20 slices or 4 servings.

Nutrition: 150 calories, 3.1g fat, 4.6g fiber, and 7.3g protein per serving
Cost: $0.91 per serving

37 Responses to Cucumber Hummus Appetizers

  1. Ooh…those look like the perfect summer appetizer. Without the bread, they are light and refreshing. Glad everything worked out and getting locked out was easily resolved.

  2. Kerstin, these are so cute!!! That’s a fantastic idea to use a cucumber slice as the base for an appetizer. I love everything about this recipe! Thanks for your congrats on the writing! I must be mentally drained because as I read your post I thought, “I didn’t know they sold food at IKEA” …I figured it out in about 15 seconds, but still! haha I can’t wait until I can dedicate all of my time to writing, I’m still finishing off a few experiments for a paper we’re sending out next month, so it’s been a little nuts. I am such a night owl (sounds like you are too!), so it will be nice to work on my own time!

  3. I love hummus and think this is a creative way to serve as an appetizer instead of guests having to spread it on a cracker or pita chip themselves. Great idea and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I like your blog too!

  4. Oh, I hate it when I lock myself out, especially when there is food and a party involved. So sorry, but on the bright side, your appetizers look amazing. I love hummus, and serving it atop cucumber slices is such a great idea. What a perfect little bite.

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