Pumpkin Martinis

I’m not much of a mixologist, but I was inspired to tend bar after seeing Erin’s recipe for pumpkin spice latte martinis – what a great idea, I didn’t even know pumpkin liqueur existed! When POM Wonderful recently offered to send samples of their new iced coffees, I immediately thought about Erin’s creation and knew I wanted to try their iced coffee in a pumpkin martini of my own! We received samples of Café au Lait and Chocolate flavors, and the Chocolate flavor was ok, but the Café au Lait was delicious. I mixed the iced coffee with pumpkin liqueur, vodka, and butterscotch schnapps this weekend and was pleasantly surprised about well the drinks turned out! They were so yummy, in fact, that I couldn’t stop at just one… Thanks to Erin for the inspiration and to POM Wonderful for the Café au Lait Iced Coffee!

Pumpkin Martinis
Printable Recipe

1 part POM Café au Lait Iced Coffee
1 part spiced pumpkin liqueur
1/2 part vodka
1/2 part butterscotch schnapps

Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into martini glasses.

Nutrition: 275 calories, 0.6g fat, 0.0g fiber, 0.1g protein per martini (based on each part being 1.5 fl oz, measured in a standard jigger)
Cost: $1.50 per martini

37 Responses to Pumpkin Martinis

  1. Pumpkin liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, and POM iced coffee??!! Oh my goodness, how did I not know that such glorious delights existed! I am in raptures, just imagining the flavors…

  2. YOU ARE MY HERO with this drink. You can bet your last dollar I am going to the local liquor store to find this liqueur!! Itll be the hit of Thanksgiving!

  3. I’m not generally much of a mixologist myself although that drink looks and sounds delicious. If you like mixed drinks by the way I highly recommend Barbara Lynch’s Drink in Southie. It’s pretty fantastic.

  4. Genius! Pure genius! I, too, have those POM Iced Coffee samples and I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t tried them yet :( They look good and people seem to like them but I wanted to make something with them versus just drinking them straight out of the bottle. Great idea! You are so creative! I love it. We should drink these at our neighborhood block party 😉

  5. Pumpkin liqeur sounds dangerous. Only because I would be compelled to drink all of it in one sitting! what a great martini. (And so much cheaper than the 8-13 dollars it would cost in a bar!!)

  6. Wow, Kerstin! you have outdone yourself with this one. And with POMx coffee, too! AND pumpkin! I’m not much into alcohol, but you’re gonna turn me into a drunk with this one!

  7. Thanks everyone! I’m enjoying one of these right now :)

    Monica – I found it in the first large liquor store we went to by the schnapps. The brand they had was Hiram Walker and the bottle says it’s a special seasonal flavor.

    Nicole – Yes, for sure :)

  8. Oooooh! I love your twist on this! It sounds so good! And… my friend who is a buyer/manager at a liquor said he has heard that they might stop producing the Starbucks liqueur. So it’s nice to know you can still make a tasty drink with other ingredients!

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