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Derry Church Artisan Chocolates Giveaway
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Derry Church Artisan Chocolates Giveaway

Thanks so much for all your support about URS! Since I haven’t been able to get into the kitchen this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about an absolutely delicious set of bon bons and truffles that Chef Eric of Derry Church Artisan Chocolates recently sent me. The flavors were all very unique and inspired by different parts of world, which I think is very clever.

My favorites were the Savannah (a spin on peach crisp with peach jam in a white chocolate ganache piped into a bittersweet chocolate cup and topped with a toasted oat/brown sugar and cinnamon crisp), Rome (strong cappuccino and milk chocolate ganache piped into a milk chocolate cup mold and topped with a creamy white chocolate mousse), and Cairo (Medjool date paste and aged balsamic vinegar reduction in a bittersweet chocolate ganache enrobed with bittersweet chocolate and accented with brown sugar and molasses) – just writing out the descriptions is making my mouth water! Each chocolate is like a little work of art and they are very reasonably priced considering they contain organic local ingredients and are handmade.  The best part is that Chef Eric has graciously offered to send one lucky reader a 15 piece bon bon set!

There are two ways to enter:
1. Check out the different flavors offered by Derry Church Artisan Chocolates and leave a comment letting us know which one you’d most like to try.
2. Tweet about this giveaway, or post about it on your blog or Facebook. Don’t forget to come back and leave a second comment with the link for your second entry.

Entries must be in by Thursday, April 15 at 11:59pm EST. Good luck and thanks Derry Church Artisan Chocolates!

p.s. The fine print:  Derry Church sent me the chocolates to try for free and is sponsoring this giveaway, but I received no compensation for this post and all opinions are mine. The winner will be picked with random.org on Friday, April 16 and announced shortly thereafter.

131 Responses to Derry Church Artisan Chocolates Giveaway

  1. oh, how awesome! i’d like to try ANY of them, but the oaxaca is most appealing–i love the chocolate-chili combo, but i haven’t had a white chocolate version. delightful!

  2. The Cairo sounds amazing! Also, I wouldn’t mind trying the Mumbai or the County Kildare (or any of them really…). :) I do love unique flavors like curry and such.

  3. Awesome giveaway Kerstin! These chocolates look crazy delicious!

    I would have to say that if I could choose any to taste, it would be the New York. Hello cheesecake ganache!

  4. Just randomly clicked the link to your blog today as I’m searching for a specific cake recipe. What a perfect day to stop by! I’d love to try the Milan. My favorite chocolate of all time is the hazelnut praline from Godiva. This looks like it would have similar flavors.

  5. Whoa, it was hard to even leave their website. Two-can I pick two? The Derry Church chocolate caramel bar looks de-lish and the Moosehead Lake chocolate sounds fabulous.

  6. Great giveaway! The descriptions of the chocolates are so incredible!

    Considering I’m going to Montego Bay in 4 weeks, I think I’d have to choose that flavor, plus I’m a coconut addict :)

  7. Wow there are so many unique flavors. I fell in love with the thought of the Veracruz. I love anything with vanilla bean. The winter haven sounds divine, with the yummy orange citrus. I would love to try this yummy decadent chocolates. YUM!

  8. The Paris Chocolate looks delicious. I love strawberry and white chocolate together. The New Orleans one looks good too. So does New York. Oohh it’s so hard to choose!

  9. These chocolates sound amazing. I’d like to try the Burgundy, the Cairo, the Lyon, the San Fran, and the New Orleans. Of course, I wouldn’t pass up any of the other flavors either!

  10. Wow – these really are incredible works of art! All three that you described would probably be among my favorites too. I think the New Orleans and the Kandahar sound pretty freaking amazing too.

  11. Only 1?? OK, Palermo!! I love anything Lemon flavored – Lemon Curd, Lemon Cookies, Lemon Meringue Pie.

  12. The plymouth, even though fall is long gone I can’t get enough of the pumpkin pie flavors! New Orleans would be next…bananas foster, yum!

  13. I love the combination of pumpkin and chocolate, so I’d have to go with the Plymouth. Paris is a close second because it looks incredible (mmm buttercream!).

  14. Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of those chocolates! Picking just one would be impossible, so I’ll say that my favorites, or the most intriguing were probably Savannah, Cairo, Tangier, and Palermo. Very creative chocolates indeed.

  15. i would love to try the savannah chocolate. savannah has some pretty awesome food, and I actually had great chocolate there too.

  16. I would definitely want to try Tangier! It is my dream to visit morocco someday- just thinking of the candy brings exotic city life and esmerelda to my mind!

  17. Wow…I’m not a chocolate guy and so many of those look absolutely mouthwatering. I’d go with the Edinburgh. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  18. Goodness this is so hard! I think I’d have to go with Mumbai (follow very closely by Moosehead Lake, and Cairo and San Fran!…. then maybe County Kildar and Burgundy.. then everything else! These really look amazing.)

  19. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I took the time to read your blog. It’s informative and really well done. Look forward to following you here. Have a great day. Cheers!

  20. YUMMMM….So many sound incredible!! I’m a caramel lover so I think my first choice would be the Derry Church! However, the Veracruz and the Savannah sound very good as well.

  21. After looking at the chocolates I think the one that I would most want to try would be the Paris. It looks so good. The homemade strawberry jam along with the french white chocolate buttercream sounds like an excellent combination that I am really wanting to try. All of the chocolates look heavenly!

  22. I love all chocolates, but the Edinburgh bon bon is calling my name! I have always wanted to travel to Scotland and when I read the description…wow…butterschotch, brown sugar and chocolate. Who wouldn’t love that. Btw i’m new to your blog and I heart it already. Keep it up!

  23. Palermo – Oh my gosh, dark bittersweet chocolate, almonds, white chocolate and limoncello – what a combination. I’ve been to Salerno, Italy – the real home of limoncello and my husband makes it at home. Definitely, Palermo. I’m watching you on URS now. Do you win?

  24. I would love to try the Savannah. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Love the pralines there.
    Im new to your blog after seeing you on Food Network. I love reading all of your recipes and look forward to trying them.

  25. Just posted on Facebook. See Below. I love cooking and have an photo album on Facebook for just food pictures of dishes I’ve made, ate or admired. Good luck !!!

    Watching Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network on cakes and desserts. One of the contestants (Kirsten)has a food blog. Take a look and sign up for a give-away.Derry Church Artisan Chocolates Giveaway | Cake, Batter, and Bowl
    Thanks so much for all your support about URS! Since I haven’t been able to get into the kitchen this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to

  26. The DERBY CHURCH! “…a bit larger than the rest of our chocolates” … yeah, that’s all they had to say! Haha! But the caramel really sealed the deal. Yum.

  27. Decisions, decisions, decisions…what beautiful, mouthwatering chocolates!
    I’d have to pick the Burgundy – so hard to go wrong with red wine and chocolate!

  28. Kandahar all the way. While I’d be all over the Derry Church normally, how can you pass up an opportunity to try something new and uncommon like pomegranate molasses! (Plus the flower is gorgeous).

  29. I’m going with the Rome. Cappuccino flavor is one of my favorites with chocolate – and I love the look with the white chocolate “froth” on top. My mouth is watering!

  30. Man, so many of those look great. I think the Veracruz looks the tastiest though: so simple, yet so elegant looking (& sounding)!

  31. So many to choose from and with chocolate being my weakness, its tough but new york would be a first pick!!! Cheesecake and chocolate?? No question about it

  32. Definitely the Plymouth… Chocolate, check. Pumpkin caramel, check. Pumpkin pie spice, check. What could be better than this?

  33. Oh man, what flavour wouldn’t I want to try. Though if I had to choose, it’d come down to either the Kandahar or the Rome to start with before I gave in and went for one of every chocolate.

  34. Those all look incredible and that makes making a decision near impossible. I guess if I have to choose one I would choose the Berlin; it sounds different but very good!

  35. I love the little nut on the Milan.
    I really enjoyed watching you on URS. My kids were drooling over your brownies so I actually logged on tonight to find the recipe.

  36. Just watched you on URS – love that show!!
    These all look so yummy and it was really hard to choose, but I think that my top choice would be the Kandahar.

  37. I’d have to say the Rome, London, and the New York look the best to me. But that will probably change tomorrow when I’m in the mood for something else! They all sound fantastic!

  38. Which one?!! Wish I could nibble a few before choosing, but from the delicious descriptions, I would first try Winter Haven. Followed by Mumbai, then finish the taste test with Rome. And that would be just the first taste-testing. If I weren’t diabetic, I could get carried away!!

  39. OMG – I want them all – especially the Savannah and the Moosehead Lake – those two stand out-peaches in the Savannah and cranberries in the Moosehead Lake – fabulous choices!! what a give a way – Thanks! Teri Dingler – loved you on Recipe showdown Challenge!

  40. Oh this giveaway is like sheer heaven to a chocolate lover like myself.

    The flavors that I’m most intrigued by: (how can I pick just one?!) :)
    Burgundy, Edinburgh, Cairo, Kandahar, Milan, Mumbai, New Orleans, Savannah (my daughter’s name) and the Palmero.

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