Sweet Potato and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Topped with Hazelnuts

I love stuffed mushrooms and serve them almost every time we have friends over, but I’ve been wanting to lighten them up for awhile now since the usual cream cheese-filled versions are very heavy. When I was making my Truly Outrageous Baked Sweet Potatoes, I was thinking about what else I could stuff with sweet potatoes and mushrooms immediately came to mind. So, this week I stuffed mushrooms with mashed sweet potatoes, turkey bacon, and caramelized shallots, and then topped them with chopped hazelnuts. I thought the flavors really complimented each other well and these little apps are light enough that you can eat as many as you want without spoiling your dinner! This is also a great way to use up any leftover sweet potatoes you may have from Thanksgiving!

I also have to share pictures of the cake I made for my lab mate’s baby shower today! Raffaella is having a little girl, so I made a Sky High pink strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and tackled making marshmallow fondant for the first time. I followed Annie’s awesome instructions for making decorations and was super proud of how well everything turned out, especially the very cute fondant baby sneakers (made with this template) that topped the cake. I think one of the best things about having a blog is that I’m constantly inspired to challenge myself and try new techniques and recipes that are outside of my comfort zone. The cake was a huge hit and several strangers even complimented it on the subway on my way to work! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Sweet Potato and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Topped with Hazelnuts
Printable Recipe

24 mushrooms, stems removed
1 tablespoon olive oil
6 slices turkey bacon, chopped
1 cup chopped shallots
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 sweet potato, scrubbed
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup chopped hazelnuts

Preheat oven to 375˚F. Spray a large cookie sheet with cooking spray and place mushrooms on it, cap side down.

Heat 1/2 tablespoon olive oil over medium high heat in a medium nonstick skillet. Sauté chopped turkey bacon for 5 to 7 minutes or until crispy. Remove and drain.

Add remaining 1/2 tablespoon olive oil to the same skillet; add shallots, reduce heat to medium low, and sauté shallots 15 to 17 minutes, stirring frequently, or until caramelized. Add garlic and sauté one additional minute.

Meanwhile, prick sweet potato several times with a fork and microwave on high for 8 to 10 minutes or until tender. Remove cooked flesh and place in a medium bowl (my yield was 1 cup).

Mix mashed sweet potatoes with bacon, caramelized shallots, apple cider vinegar, and salt; stuff mushrooms with sweet potato mixture and top evenly with chopped hazelnuts. Bake stuffed mushrooms at 375˚F for 20 minutes. Makes 6 servings.

Nutrition: 152 calories, 9.2g fat, 2.4g fiber, 7.1g protein per serving
Cost: $0.92 per serving

40 Responses to Sweet Potato and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Topped with Hazelnuts

  1. What a gorgeous, professional-looking cake! I’m sure it was a huge hit.

    I’m not typically a huge mushroom fan, but I would be all over these sweet potato-stuffed ones. They look great!

  2. The mushrooms look really delish! The cake is super cute. No wonder even strangers congratulated you!! How was the marshmallow fondont? I have never tasted this (I think)

  3. My parents always make stuffed mushrooms but never with cream cheese. They stuff them with bread crumbs, more mushrooms, and some garlic. This sweet potato stuffing is INFINITELY more appealing to me. Love the bacon and hazelnut.

    That cake is AMAZING. I am SO impressed. This is why I blog. To be inspired by other bloggers like you!

  4. Kerstin! That cake with the booties looks fantastic!!!!! I am mad jealous of your skills 😉
    Love the stuffed mushrooms too. I’m actually surprised that those flavors work together but I love all the ingredients, so if you say they work, I believe you 😀

  5. Great job on the cake! I’m too chicken to try fondant. Makes me want to have another baby. Ha, just kidding there.
    And I love stuffed mushrooms, too. All the flavors sound great together!

  6. I love stuffed mushrooms! I’ve never had a sweet/savory stuffed mushroom but this sounds delicious! And that cake? I honestly thought that it was professionally made! You never cease to amaze me, Kerstin! Great job!

  7. love these little apps! definitely a winning combo of flavors :) That cake is absolutely incredible–especially those little sneakers :) i’m such a sucker for little shoes (maybe b/c my shoes are anything but!).

    glad you had a nice turkey day! we definitely stuffed ourselves silly :)

  8. Topped with HAZELNUTS? And stuffed with sweet potatoes? Wow! What a great combination! And of course bacon makes everything taste better! And not to mention, so adorable…appealing to all senses!

  9. Great idea to stuff a mushroom with sweet potato!!! I have never made stuffed mushrooms before but I need to try them!

    Your cake is SOOOO adorable!!! I am so impressed! I’m sure your labmate was so grateful for such a beautiful and delicious cake :)

  10. WOW, and that’s your FIRST time making and working with fondant? You go girl!

    Btw, I lOVE mushrooms stuffed with just about anything except a bunch of onions and tomatoes! :)

  11. Kerstin, I am so proud of you and that cake…………….wow. I keep thinking I need to be mentally ready to make super pretty cakes and am quite impressed how people rise to the challenge, complete it and hold up the prize of victory. Wow

  12. Thanks so much everyone! I had so much fun working on those little baby shoes!

    Dolce – I actually haven’t had regular fondant, so I can’t directly compare. But, the marshmallow fondant just tasted really really sweet with a hint of marshmallow after taste. I definitely wouldn’t eat it on it’s own :)

    Shannon – Me too! I actually immediately knew I wanted to top the cake with little shoes because they are just so adorable!

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