S’more Snacks

Today’s “recipe” is a bit of a pregnancy cliché. It all started when we were discussing the annual Boston area Fluff Fest at lunch one day. Marshmallow Fluff, also known as marshmallow crème, was invented in my town and is still made in Massachusetts. It’s probably most famous for being paired with peanut butter in fluffernutter sandwiches.

I’d actually never had Fluff before, so I was very curious about it. I’m happy to report that it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients – just corn syrup, sugar, egg whites, and vanilla. So I picked up a jar and started dipping graham crackers in it – yum! Then I was craving ice cream one night (hence the pregnancy cliché) and had the idea to top my Fluff covered graham crackers with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips. I may or may not have stood in the kitchen assembling and devouring these one by one with a huge grin on my face. You don’t really need a recipe for these treats, but I still wanted to share the idea because they are so addicting. Just be sure to enjoy them quickly before the ice cream melts!

S’more Snacks
Printable Recipe

Graham crackers
Marshmallow Fluff
Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate chips

Top graham cracker squares with the desired amount of marshmallow fluff, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate chips. Enjoy! Makes way too many servings.

Nutrition: would rather not know
Cost: priceless

16 Responses to S’more Snacks

  1. LOVE it! I’ve found that the best, most satisfying pregnancy treats are created on a whim, while standing over the counter or sink. The melted chocolate ice cream is such a fun twist on the typical chocolate bar in s’mores.

    Oh, and the “would rather not know” comment in regards to nutrition is hysterical! For the most part, I’ve been eating pretty healthfully during my pregnancy, but there have also been no lack of decadent indulgences every now and then ;).

  2. Yummm! I have a s’more addiction and these are just one more way to enjoy them… With ice cream, too!

    I love making my own Fluff, too. It’s easy and delicious!

  3. So I lived on something similar during my pregnancy- and it’s continued on now with baby. I’ve developed such a sweet tooth.

    Two graham crackers OR gingersnaps, spread nutella on one side, fluff on the other. Microwave for 11 seconds. Yes 11. Easy peasy s’more in the microwave! HAHA

    Hope you are feeling great!!

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