Chicken Sausage Pasta with Broccoli and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sometimes I get in a dinner rut and forget how much I enjoy cooking with certain ingredients. I was recently reminded that I hadn’t used chicken sausage in a long time after seeing a few delicious and quick meal recipes on Meghan’s fantastic blog, You’re Gonna Bake It After All. Chicken sausage is so versatile and easy to use when you forget to defrost chicken or don’t have time to cut up and sauté the raw stuff! Since it’s precooked, all you have to do is warm it up in the microwave. It’s also great for hot summer nights when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen. So, I decided to try a new brand at Costco a few weeks ago (Benetino’s Smoked Mozzarella Chicken Sausages with Artichokes and Garlic – yum!) and made a delicious pasta dish with it!

This pasta is on the lighter side because it doesn’t have a thick sauce, but it’s still very flavorful since it’s packed with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. My favorite kind of pasta dishes are those that contain both the veggie and protein components of your meal all in one pot!

Chicken Sausage Pasta with Broccoli and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Printable Recipe

1 pound whole wheat penne pasta
8 cups frozen broccoli florets
5 chicken sausages, sliced
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes
2 cups shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese

Cook pasta according to package directions. Warm broccoli florets and chicken sausages in the microwave according to the package directions. Toss pasta with broccoli florets, chicken sausages, olive oil, vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Makes 8 servings.

Nutrition: 467 calories, 14.6g fat, 11.1g fiber, 29.4g protein per serving
Cost: $1.48 per serving

34 Responses to Chicken Sausage Pasta with Broccoli and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

  1. I LOVE sun-dried tomatoes (and chicken sausage obviously :) – this pasta looks so delicious!!! The melted cheese in the picture is making me hungry!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your take on healthy, light recipes. I’ll def bookmark ya.

    The sundried tomatoes here are a real show stopper. Nice job :)

  3. I do the same thing with food – I’ll get hooked on something for a while and then I’ll go months without eating it, only to rediscover it again! Chicken sausage is definitely one of those things. All of the ingredients in this pasta sound so delicious.

  4. What a great combination! This brings together some of my favorite things, and I always use chicken sausage (instead of beef or pork) since I don’t eat red meat. The sun-dried tomatoes are a great addition too.

  5. I love sausage, too! I would be a vegetarian if I could give it up, and you’re right, it’s so quick, flavorful, and delicious for weeknight meals. The pasta looks delicious! Yum!

  6. Great, I’m starving and your blogging about yummy pasta dishes. (the cucumber one before this looks good but I’m about the pasta)

    Sounds good and LOVE that I can whip this together in no time.

  7. I love one-dish meals like this, but I haven’t yet tried chicken sausage. For some reason, it just seems so processed to me, and how long does it take to cut up some leftover roasted or grilled chicken. That said, I bet this was delicious, and if you like the sausage, maybe I’ll try it.

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