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Mexican Casserole

Woohoo, I’ve finally found a few minutes to blog! Hopefully this recipe was worth the wait. On super busy nights, like the ones I’ve been having recently, I love grabbing dinner from Chipotle on my way home from work. I always order the same thing – a chicken burrito with brown rice, onions and peppers,… Continue Reading

Sausage and Eggplant Lasagna

There’s nothing quite like a rich and hearty lasagna! I could dream up different versions all day. The one I’m posting today features a chicken sausage, ground turkey, and sun dried tomato meat mixture layered with whole wheat noodles, tender roasted eggplant , creamy ricotta, and a lovely pecorino romano white sauce. Oh, and several… Continue Reading

Cashew Chicken Stir Fry

I’m back and finally have a recipe to share with you! We had a rough start to the new year when Apolinaras was hospitalized for 6 days with a very aggressive type of atypical pneumonia. Fortunately, the doctors finally found an antibiotic that worked well and he is home now and resting and recovering. It… Continue Reading

Pulled Pork Quesadillas

Growing up, my mom always let me pick out one fun item during our trips to the grocery store. I could get whatever I wanted, so it was a big decision! I still do this to some degree today. At Trader Joe’s, for example, I limit myself to one treat per visit. Otherwise, I would… Continue Reading

Pumpkin and White Bean Chicken Chili

I had a bit of a tough time getting an appetizing picture of today’s dish. Chili isn’t very attractive, is it? I suppose topping it with a colorful garnish would have helped a bit. Oh well. Chili does have a couple of things going for it though – it’s a very tasty one pot meal… Continue Reading