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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cardamom Bread

It’s somehow already October, which means it’s time for pumpkin recipes! I actually found three cans of pumpkin puree in the back of my cupboard left from last year and have already used them all. I guess this means I need to go to the store soon! I knew I wanted to make pumpkin bread… Continue Reading

Frozen Breakfast Burritos

We’ve been taking belly shots in the same outfit each month and here’s my 9 month picture – our little one has come such a long way since our 5 month pics. Believe it or not, my due date is exactly one week from today (on Labor Day, haha)! Ever since I found out we… Continue Reading

Mango Coconut Muffins

Today is Apolinaras’ birthday! He actually doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and is one of those weirdos who will take all the frosting off his cupcake before eating it. He also prefers fruity ice creams instead of the over-the-top decadent versions I enjoy (Chubby Hubby, peanut butter and chocolate, mint Oreo, etc), so… Continue Reading

Individual Breakfast Pot Pies

I’ve been waking up a couple hours earlier than Apolinaras on the weekends lately. My grumbling tummy and earlier bed time (pregnancy can be exhausting!) are to blame. I’ve been putting the time to good use though. First, I devour a bowl of cereal or some yogurt and fruit while catching up on one of… Continue Reading

Red Bean Paste Stuffed French Toast

I’ve been trying to work on clearing out the clutter from our pantry and recently found a lonely can of red bean paste hidden away in the very back corner. How did I forget about such a treasure? It jumped into our cart at HMart a few months ago, and I was originally planning on… Continue Reading

Nutella Gingerbread Scones

We currently have a bunch of cookies in our snack drawer at work, and lately I’ve been reaching first for the gingersnaps dipped in chocolate. They are just so good! Then the other day I had a light bulb moment – you know what would be even better? Gingersnaps topped with Nutella! I couldn’t get… Continue Reading